Welcome & Visit St. John’s Church

We are located in the heart of Savannah’s historic district. Our worship is anchored by the historic Prayer Book (1928) in the teaching of the Bible and the Church’s tradition.

St. John’s is a spiritual home for those seeking reverent and dignified worship in fidelity to the teaching of Scripture, in a fellowship of orthodox faith and loving service, and to grow spiritually in holiness of life.

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Church Address
325 Bull Street (on Madison Square), Savannah, GA 31401

Parish Office & Mailing Address
1 West Macon Street*, Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: 912-232-1251

The Green-Meldrim House (parish house)
14 W Macon Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Cranmer Hall (classrooms, nursery, etc.)
27 W Charlton St, Savannah, GA 31401

* Note that 1 W. Macon St. doesn’t work in GPS. Please use 325 Bull St. in your GPS and know that the office is located behind the church.

Worship with us on Sunday.




View our streamed services on Facebook and/or YouTube. To follow along with our streamed services, you may download a PDF booklet.



All are welcome to join us for worship, in the ministry of the word and in the prayers. Visitors who are baptized and have been admitted to communion in their own churches are welcome to receive communion.  Visitors who are not baptized-Christians or who have not been admitted to communion are welcome to come forward during the Communion to receive a blessing.


The atmosphere is reverent, dignified, meditative, and formal.  Most of the congregation dresses up for church (jackets for men, equivalent attire for women).

8 a.m. Communion Services: Sunday services at 8 a.m. are quiet and meditative, focusing on the words of Scripture, the prayers, and the Sacrament.

9 a.m. Family Service (Morning Prayer or Holy Communion): Our 9 a.m. Family Service (Morning Prayer or Holy Communion) is a family- and newcomer-friendly service with active participation from our youth. It is currently held in the church with Holy Communion on every fourth Sunday of the month. (This may change slightly due to the liturgical calendar.)

11 a.m. Main Service (Morning Prayer or Holy Communion): The main service at 11 a.m. service is more “extroverted”, and perhaps most suitable for a first-time visitor, with the addition of an opening procession, choral and congregational singing, a sermon, and prayers.  About half of the Sunday services at 11 a.m. are the service of Morning Prayer; the other about half the Sundays of the year half are the sacramental memorial of Christ’s saving sacrifice, the Eucharist or Holy Communion.

For more details on our regular Sunday services click HERE. For a schedule of special services, such as Christmas and Easter, consult the Church calendar click  HERE.


In the Anglican tradition, the services follow fixed forms of words and actions set forth in the Prayer Book, which allows everyone to take part in the service. All services at St. John’s are based on the biblical and historical tradition of worship transmitted in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and the 1940 Hymnal.  In these services, the biblical and historic substance of Christian worship is presented in words and actions of time-tested clarity, dignity, and beauty. To learn more about the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, click HERE.


We worship the Lord both visible and invisible – both in body and in soul. The outward and visible aspect of worship – ceremonial, vestment, and ornament – is of great importance in the Anglican tradition of worship.    The ceremonial can be either simple or elaborate, but you may see some movement among those around you during a service, including standing, sitting, kneeling, making the sign of the cross, genuflecting, and bowing, at specific points during the service. There will be times that the congregation will recite prayers and creeds together. If you are new to a tradition of formal worship, we encourage you to participate without any concern for “doing things correctly.” Everything you need to know to fully participate will be provided to you in a detailed worship booklet handed out by ushers at the door. We want your visit to be comfortable so that you may fully experience God’s presence through worship and fellowship, whether you are just visiting or looking for a church home.

Tour our Church and Parish House, the Historic Green-Meldrim House.

We are very proud of our beautiful, historic church building and the adjacent Green-Meldrim House, which serves as our active parish house. We have several days and times when both are open and available for tours, allowing us to share it with the community and visitors to Savannah. Please click HERE for tour days, times, and entrance fees.  Private group tours are available by appointment.

Please phone the church office at 912.232.1251 (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to confirm that that church and/or parish house will be open on the day you wish to visit. Visiting St. John’s Church is free to the public with donations welcome; proceeds directly support those in our community needing assistance. The suggested donation of $10 per adult is $10 to tour the Green-Meldrim House.

Grow with our Children’s and Youth Ministry.

As families come to worship at St. John’s Church, we want them to feel safe, welcomed, and loved. Our ministries with children and with youth provide opportunities for Christian spiritual growth, education, service, and fellowship to support the spiritual formation of your children.


  • Register and check in your children in the Foyer of Cranmer Hall.
  • Children’s Nursery for birth to age 3 is available all year round from 8:45 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. in Cranmer Hall, 1st floor.
  • 9 a.m. Family Morning Prayer (Communion is every fourth Sunday) held in the church.
  • 10 a.m. Children’s Sunday School for children Kindergarten to 5th grade is available in Cranmer Hall, 2nd floor. NOTE: A less structured program is held during the summer weeks (from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends).
  • Learn more about our children’s ministry
  • Want to know more about the weekday preschool held at St. John’s Church?


We hope your entire family will Connect, Grow, and Serve with us at St. John’s Church!

Learn more.

Safety: All employees and volunteers who work with Children and youth are screened and certified in Safeguarding God’s Children.  Please CLICK HERE for our Safeguarding God’s Children guidelines and procedures.

Let Us Get to Know You:  Please be sure to fill out a visitor card and drop it in the offertory plate so that we may connect with you and answer any questions you may have about St. John’s.

Parking:  Conveniently available in the lot on the west side of Whitaker Street.

Restrooms:  Are located in Cranmer Hall (at the South West corner of Charlton Street and Whitaker Street), and there are smaller facilities in the church itself (ask an usher at the door for directions).