Church Directory & Calendar

Ways to Access St. John’s Online Directory & Calendar and the ChurchLife App

Only Members and Active Non-members will be able to create a login for the online directory and ChurchLife app. Anyone not in either category will be unable to create a login. Please call the church office at 912-232-1251 with any questions or issues.

Already have a Church Directory Login?

(Click here for online login screen.)
  1. Sign in here to access the Church Directory and/or change your contact information.
  2. Note: If you forgot your username or password, you can change it here as well. Look for “Forgot your password or user name ?” links inside the dialog box.

Need to create a Church Directory Login?

(Click here for PDF instructions)
  1. Members and Active Non-members may look for the “Need a login?” link under the dialog box to create a username and password for the Church Directory.
  2. To sign up for an account, your first name, last name, and email address MUST match our database.
  3. Check your email program for an email message from St. John’s Access ACS. This email message will contain your username and password for logging in to St. John’s Access ACS.
  4. If you need additional help, click HERE for step-by-step PDF instructions on creating your login.

Wish to access the Church Directory and Calendar via your smartphone or tablet?

  1. Download ChurchLife app onto your device.
  2. Login with the same username and password used or created for the online Church Directory (above).

Have questions about or trouble accessing the Church Directory?

  1. If you have any questions or if your email address is not recognized, please call the church office for assistance at 912-232-1251.