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St. John’s Church Sunday Booklets

A link to each week’s 11 a.m. Sunday Booklet is available as a PDF so you can follow along with the livestreamed service.

Recent St. John’s Church eNewsletters

Links to each week’s Psalms & Lessons and Rector’s Essay are included in the eNewsletters. To subscribe to our bi-weekly emails, please sign up.

Essays by the Rector

Each week our Rector, Fr. Gavin Dunbar writes an essay, which is published in our weekly Parish Paper. We publish each week’s new essay on St. John’s Homepage with the link in the sliding image. You may also access it via the weekly eNewsletters that are emailed bi-weekly. See links to past eNewsletters above.

Weekly Newsletters

Each week we mail our Parish Paper to subscribers. Below is an archive of past newsletters from January 2011 to January 2019 available as PDFs.

Parish Papers Archive

Weekly Psalms and Lessons

We also publish a Weekly Psalms and Lessons sheet to guide you in your daily morning and evening prayer, as outlined in the Daily Office of Prayer from the 1928 Prayer Book. A new PDF for each week is posted to our homepage with the link in the sliding image. You may also access it via the weekly eNewsletters that are emailed bi-weekly. See links to past eNewsletters are above.

St. John’s Livestreamed Services and Videos

St. John’s currently streams services on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday at 11 a.m. and daily (Mon-Fri) at 8:15 a.m. Additionally, all services will be available as videos after their livestreamed broadcast on St. John’s Facebook and St. John’s YouTube channel. We make service-at-home books available prior to these services at

Services prior to March 2020 are available as audio podcasts on St. John’s PodBean page. At our PodBean page, you can download PDF versions of past Parish Papers, which are mailed weekly, and our Service Booklets, which are printed and distributed in church each Sunday. Or you can listen to our weekly full, live recordings of Sunday services.

St. John’s Choir Videos and Recordings

We also have a Music of St. John’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page for our choir for you to view select videos featuring the beautiful music and talented choir of St. John’s Church.


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Science & Technology

Is There Room for God in Our Understanding of Reality?

Five Talks by Jon Sprague

View all five videos HERE.

If you did not have the opportunity to attend these talks or missed one, we invite you to view these recorded talks by Jon Sprague. Jon explores whether science is capable of providing answers to the important questions we face in our lives, and whether there is even space for God and our understanding. During the course of five sessions, Jon reviews the current state of our knowledge of many of the most important aspects of science, including general relativity and quantum mechanics; the Big Bang and the future of our universe, and the beginning of life and its evolution on earth. In looking at these important areas of scientific achievement, Jon also considers the limits of science in explaining reality.

The Eagle Newsletter

The Eagle was a newsletter mailed two to three times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer) from the Women of St. John’s Church. With the advent of the parish bi-weekly emailed newsletter, this printed newsletter is no longer distributed. Past Eagle issues informed parishioners of upcoming events.  It kept the parishioners abreast of the happenings of the youth, the children and families, the men and the women, with additional reports and reflections by the clergy and the organist-choirmaster. The newsletter was a record of joys and sorrows –  confirmations, marriages and baptisms, and those who have departed this life.  The Eagle told the story of the life and the work of the parishioners at St. John’s Church in their service to the glory of God. Archived copies are available for viewing and download.

Click HERE to download archived PDFs of The Eagle.

Other Resources

Cradle of Prayer

When you are looking to incorporate more prayer in your life, the Cradle of Prayer website is an essential destination. Started by a former parishioner of St. John’s Church in Savannah, Cradle of Prayer is a free resource of daily readings from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and songs from the 1940 Hymnal designed to refresh your mind, heart, and soul.

Each daily recording contains the morning and evening prayer service for every day of the week, as outlined in the Daily Office of Prayer from the 1928 Prayer Book. Each reading includes a psalm, an old testament scripture, a new testament scripture, and prayers for the order of the day. To find these recordings, visit and select the recordings at the bottom of the page. You may also download optional apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, the Cradle of Prayer website offers helpful information if you are not familiar with the Book of Common Prayer. You may also learn to sing six canticles using the website’s canticle tutorial, which many churches use to rehearse their choirs. Visit their Listening Room page to enjoy several hymns and songs that feature the beautiful voice of Soprano Stacy Stephens.

Being a parish that worships in the beauty of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, we encourage you to visit the Cradle of Prayer website and to share its resources with others.

Livestreamed Daily Office Services

Our friends at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Thomasville, Georgia also offer weekday Morning and Evening Prayer, both 1928 Book of Common Prayer services, as livestream broadcasts on their Facebook page.

For more information about the Book of Common Prayer, we recommend:

Global Anglican News