The Chancel Society

The Chancel Society is composed of women of the Parish with a special ministry to support the worship offered at St. John’s, and whose work touches every aspect of the life of the church. Their duties are to keep clean and in good order the sanctuary and the sacristies, the linens and vestments, the silver and brass, and to have them ready both before and after every service. Particular opportunities for volunteer service include the following:

  • Arrangement of altar flowers for the Sunday services in the Church and Chapel, and for Funerals and Weddings in the Church or Chapel
  • After Sunday services are completed, the arrangement of altar flowers in smaller bouquets, for delivery to the hospitals, shut-ins, and parishioners recuperating at home
  • Laundering of linens and care of vestments and frontals
  • Preparation of vessels, elements, and vestments for Holy Communion for all Sunday services in the church and chapel, or for Wednesday services in the Chapel, and or for daily services during Advent and Lent
  • Polishing silver vessels used in Baptism and Holy Communion

To learn more about volunteering for the Chancel Society, please email