Saint Michael’s Youth Conference

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Saint Michael’s Youth Conference July 25-31, 2021 In past years the youth of St. John’s (supported by bursaries from the Women and Men of Saint John’s) have had grown in faith by attending the Saint Michael’s Youth Conference in West Hartford, Connecticut. Though last summer’s conference was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the organizers […]

Order of Holy Baptism

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Order of Holy Baptism This is the collection of Fr. Dunbar’s series of short papers on the Order of Holy Baptism, as set forth in its historic and normative Anglican form in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and 1928 American Prayer Book. We are certain you will enjoy his in-depth examination of baptism – […]

Healthy Church

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Your hands are the most dangerous parts of your body for transmitting disease. They touch everything (door handles, handrails, chairs, pews, other people’s hands) – and then they touch your mouth, nose, eyes, or other people’s hands or food (or wine – see below). With heightened concerns about highly contagious viruses, the congregation is asked […]

Praying for the Church (Part 9)

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Praying for the Church (Part 9): Much of the funds raised in the early 1500s for the new St. Peter’s came from the sale of indulgences (reductions in time spent in purgatory), and in Germany, the Dominican friar in charge of the campaign, Johann Tetzel, marketed it aggressively with a catchy jingle: “As soon as […]

Praying for the Church (Part 6)

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Praying for the Church (Part 6): The first of the historic “marks of the Church” – indicators of Christ’s presence in it – is the ministry of the Word, faithfully preached; the second is the ministry of the Sacraments, faithfully administered; and so we pray for “all Bishops and other Ministers, that they may… rightly […]

Praying for the Church (Part 4)

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Praying for the Church (Part 4): After considering the church as a whole, its unity in truth and love, the Prayer for the Church turns to consider the ordering of the Christian community under its rulers, both civil and ecclesiastical. The startling aspect for modern Christians is the prominence of prayer for the Christian rulers […]