Elliott House Of Studies

The Elliott House is an academic and liturgical community for the formation of clergy in the theological and spiritual tradition of Anglican Christianity.

Established by St. John’s Church in Savannah in 2000, Elliott House of Studies’ primary purpose to assist in the training of young men for the ordained ministry in the orthodox Christian faith as it is articulated in the tradition of the Anglican Communion. As its secondary purpose, Elliott House seeks to refresh the education of the clergy who serve currently in the Episcopal Church, and to offer them an opportunity for mutual support, reflection, and prayer.

The purpose of Elliott House is to recollect, understand, and practice the inherited wisdom of the Church. To remember what is the vast wealth of our theological tradition means to form one’s thinking in accordance with it. The supreme way to fashion the mind after any of our sacred authorities is to study and master the texts of our tradition. Elliott House focuses on the major texts of the Christian Church.

For more information and details, see the Elliott House website