Divinized Humanity & Humanized Divinity

According to the 5th century Creed of Saint Athanasius, the union of divine and human natures in the person of Christ does not consist in the “conversion of Godhead into flesh”, but “the taking up of manhood into God”. The truth of the Incarnation declared in the Annunciation is thus most fully manifested in the […]

Impudence and Insolence

He appears often in altarpieces of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, usually dressed in a gorgeous deacon’s dalmatic, and readily identifiable by the gridiron, his attribute: St. Lawrence – rendered as Laurentius, Laurent, or Lorenzo – perhaps the most celebrated martyr of Rome after Peter and Paul. We know that he was one of the […]

Sabbatical Report

PART 1 of 2: After a mini-sabbatical of almost three months, I owe you some account of the time I spent, and I will begin with the first part, in Italy. Let me first express my gratitude to those who handled everything so capably in my absence, and especially the Associate Rector, Fr. Jameson, who […]

Common Sin, Common Salvation

Common Sin, Common Salvation: When the Anglican formularies declare that “Holy Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation” we are tempted to jump ahead to the saving work of Christ on the cross, which is surely a critical aspect of the salvation that Scripture reveals to us. But it is easy to forget that Scripture […]

Mary, the New Eve

Mary, the New Eve: In the creation account of Genesis 2, God says that it was not good that Adam was alone. So he caused a deep sleep to fall over him, and he took from his body a rib and formed woman out of this rib. And Adam saw the woman and said, “Bone of […]

Why Believe in the Risen Lord?

Why Believe in the Risen Lord? Easter is more difficult for us to grasp than Christmas is. The birth of children lies well within the realm of things we know; resurrection of the dead not so much. God’s coming into our world connects with human experience, therefore; Man’s going into God’s world goes beyond it. […]

Debating Moral Questions

Debating Moral Questions:  In our time public debates about political, social, and moral issues are conducted at the level of jungle warfare, in which the destruction of your opponent, and the shutting down of his point of view, is the goal. In this binary world, the only alternatives are to condone or condemn; and so […]

Easter Lily

Beauty in Unexpected Places

Beauty in Unexpected Places:   For many years I had the strange blessing of making a living by travelling around the country, and even the world, to play music. I saw majestic scenery while driving along the Salmon River in Idaho or through the Smoky Mountains on the way to Asheville. There were also slightly […]

What is “Episcopalian”? (Part 2 of 2)

What is “Episcopalian”? (II) :   Last week I began looking at the question of what we mean by the word “Episcopalian”. The name itself originates as a reference to government by bishops (“episcopoi” in Greek), but the tradition is much more than its system of church government. Another common description is “reformed and catholic”, […]

What is “Episcopalian”? (Part I of 2)

What is “Episcopalian”? (Part 1 of 2) :   Let’s start with the word “Episcopalian”. The name goes back to the 17th century, when Protestants in the British isles were divided over the question of church government – some holding for government by bishops (episcopoi in Greek), some for government by presbyters (the Greek word […]