Our Conversation is in Heaven:

Architecture and Hope The funeral of Dr. Dorothy Kingery, a lover of the great Gothic cathedral of Chartres, prompted this reflection. “Oh! I have slipped the surly/bonds of Earth/And danced the skies on/laughter-silvered wings;/Sunward I’ve climbed, and / joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds…” It’s not just the stained glass of a Gothic cathedral […]

Our Conversation is in Heaven:

Our Conversation is in Heaven A sermon for this coming Thursday’s Feast of the Ascension by the late Robert Crouse, an Anglican luminary and friend of this parish. “Our conversation is in heaven ”(Philippians 3:20). “Let us exult, beloved, with joy of soul, and rejoicing with fitting praise in God’s presence lift up the now […]

Revelation & Readiness:

Revelation & Readiness: The last book of the Bible was the last book to be added to the Bible. It’s not because the book is not of first-century apostolic provenance and doctrine, but because in the early church, as in every age, the visionary prophecy of “the Revelation of Saint John the Divine” about the […]

The Way Home

The Way Home: Like the other Sundays and holy days of later Eastertide, this Monday’s feast of Philip and James the Apostles takes its gospel lesson from St. John’s account of the last supper – just hours before Jesus’ arrest, trial, and death, when Jesus tells the disciples of his imminent going from the world […]


Embodiment is a problem for us. The dominant orthodoxy among the enlightened is that gender identity – the “real me” – has nothing to do with the biological sex of our bodies. To offer any reasoned dissent from this bizarre claim, even on rigorously ethical or scientific grounds, is to invite ferocious vilification and ruthless cancellation […]

Why Believe in the Risen Lord? 

Why Believe in the Risen Lord?  Easter is more difficult for us to grasp than Christmas is. The birth of children lies well within our experience; but resurrection of the dead? – not so much. God’s coming into our world connects with human experience; man’s going into God’s world leaves human experience behind. Moreover, the […]

Rendering the Invisible Visible

Rendering the Invisible Visible:  Dr. Justin Shaun Coyle, Associate Professor of Theology, Church History, and Philosophy at Mount Angel Seminary, Oregon, has written this reflection on our Lenten Art show now on display in the arches of the mall, Man of Sorrows, by artist Sean Marnul. The passion is notoriously difficult to depict. On the […]

Doctrine and the Episcopal Church (Parts 1 & 2)

Doctrine and the Episcopal Church (Part 1 of 2): (Revised and reprinted from August 2020) Where do we find the official teaching– the doctrine – of the Episcopal Church? That is to say, where do we find the teaching of the faith to which we are committed as a community, and which provides the basis […]