Current & Past Outreach Events


Current Outreach Opportunity

It is the outpouring of God’s love for us that inspires the true meaning of Christian Outreach. This is where our engagement with the wider community begins, and outside of worship, it takes many forms, some of which are mentioned here:


Wednesdays at P.A.C.K. Resume
New Time! 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Parishioners of all ages are invited to join this intergenerational fellowship… New faces are always welcome! Volunteers from St. John’s pack bags at P.A.C.K.’s facility on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. Volunteers pack bags from 4:30-5:30 p.m. with time to restock from 5:30-6 p.m. Note that all children must be accompanied by at least one parent.

To learn more about this wonderful outreach opportunity, email Cathy Baxter at

If you are unable to pack bags, you may choose to sponsor a year’s worth of food for one child by donating $200, or $1,000 to sponsor an emergency cabinet. You may make donations to St. John’s Church with “PACK” written in the memo or you may donate directly to PACK’s website. The number of children who are helped each year is directly connected to the funds they are able to raise. Your generosity is deeply appreciated!

Highlights from Some of Our Outreach Events This Past Year


Thank you to all the parishioners who enjoyed Sunday fellowship and filled book bags with paper, folders, and other school essentials on Sunday. We had over 41 generous people who made monetary donations towards the purchase of backpacks and supplies or who directly purchased bookbags. Thank you, everyone!

We delivered 66 bags to the excited Urban Hope children along with printed photographs of their field trip to the Green-Meldrim House in June. We were blessed to have enough school donations left over to pack four more bags for our refugee family from the Congo. Please pray for these 70 students throughout the school year.

In July, the youth of St John’s had a great time hosting an ice cream social for over 50 campers at the Fresh Air Home on Tybee. After serving ice cream, they hit the beach for some fun and games. Thank you to everyone who came to help! (Photo courtesy of Susan Arden-Joly)

We had a wonderful time hosting campers from Urban Hope on June 7, 2022! Thank you to the over 25 volunteers who helped make it a fun day for the campers and for us. We hope to see the students again soon! To see a video of highlights from the day, click here.

Thank you for all the volunteers who’ve helped us pack bags of food at PACK’s facility this past year.  We had a lovely end-of-season thank-you dinner on May 4th to celebrate a great year of volunteering with you! We will resume meeting at PACK in September 2022. Hope to see you then!

2022 April/May Donations for Fresh Air Home Campers

Thank you to our parishioners for their continued support of the Fresh Air Home on Tybee Island by providing new bedding and towels for this summer’s campers!

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Urban Hope’s fundraising event, Chefs & Chocolate

We had 25 parishioners at Urban Hope’s fundraising event, Chefs & Chocolate, Friday, March 4, 2022. This is Urban Hope’s largest fundraiser of the year. St. John’s Outreach Committee has been working closely with Urban Hope, which was selected as our three-year sponsored organization.

Snack Donation Drive for P.A.C.K.

We had a great response to our call for snack donations during January and February. Sean Finnegan delivered a carload to PACK in early March 2022. Thank you to our many parishioners for their generosity!