Below are the current courtyard concepts for your review. Please provide feedback to Melanie Finnegan by April 7, 2021.

Basic design details:
  • The boxwood surround and trees will remain. The church-side courtyard entry will be slightly enlarged to match the entry from the Green-Meldrim House.
  • The fountain will remain; one option raises the sides to bench level.
  • Stone has been sourced to resemble the stone outside the Green-Meldrim House and will be laid in the same pattern.
  • The area will be leveled and graded, then gravel added on top; stones will be close-set and filled in with sand (allowing for drainage); stones will be level to avoid trip hazards.
  • Landscape lights (up into the trees and lower around shrubs) will be added.
Some great ideas we have heard and would love to implement include:
  • Add nice planters at the corners of the fountain with evergreens.
  • Leave space between the boxwoods and pavers (inside the mall area) to allow for plantings, such as Encore Azaleas and Mondo Grass.