Training in English Choral Music

St Johns Savannah Boys Girls ChoirFor over 150 years, St. John’s Church has sought excellence in order to serve the musical and spiritual needs of our church and community. The addition of Boys and Girls Choirs is a natural step forward and offers an opportunity for choristers to join with others to create something beautiful and thrilling.

Goals of the Boys and Girls Choirs

  • To establish two twelve person choirs – one male and one female. Choristers will begin at age 8 until voice change (for young men.)
  • To educate choristers in music theory and notation; sight singing, ear training, vocal training and vocal ensemble skills.
  • To introduce the great works of sacred choral music in the Anglican tradition.
  • To create an environment of fun, fellowship and friendship.
  • To foster growth in faith, Christian ethics, and the understanding of Christian worship.
  • To provide opportunities for choristers to perform with trained adult singers of the chancel choir at St. John’s Church inside and outside of church settings

The Benefits

  • Teach life skills including leadership, teamwork, dedication, patience and the ability to focus.
  • A small stipend is paid to each singer, instilling a sense of professionalism and responsibility for their work
  • A lifelong love and understanding of music, “the universal language.”
  • Maturity in self-discipline; growth in self-confidence
  • Association with adult and professional musicians provides additional instruction and support.

What is Necessary? 

  • Prior musical experience not required; however, auditions are required and candidates must demonstrate musicality, the ability to focus, and willingness to be a part of a team.   The primary requirement to join is an interest in music.
  • Regular attendance is required. Good attendance is the primary commitment of every chorister and their parents.
  • Choristers will meet twice weekly for vocal training and rehearsal for 1.5 hours each session. In addition, a summer camp will be offered following the renowned Royal School of Church Music curriculum.
  • As choristers grow in skill, they may perform in public up to 6 times per year, or more if appropriate.
  • Families not of an Anglican background are welcome to participate in the Boys and Girls Choir.

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