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Full, Live Recordings of Sunday Services

To hear or download full, live recordings of our Sunday services including music, lessons, and sermon, visit St. John’s page at

St. John’s Videos

Science & Technology

Is There Room for God in Our Understanding of Reality?

Five Talks by Jon Sprague

View all five videos HERE.


If you did not have the opportunity to attend these talks or missed one, we invite you to view these recorded talks by Jon Sprague. Jon explores whether science is capable of providing answers to the important questions we face in our lives, and whether there is even space for God and our understanding. During the course of five sessions, Jon reviews the current state of our knowledge of many of the most important aspects of science, including general relativity and quantum mechanics; the Big Bang and the future of our universe, and the beginning of life and its evolution on earth. In looking at these important areas of scientific achievement, Jon also considers the limits of science in explaining reality.


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