Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly

St. John’s Church School is the primary venue for Christian Education of elementary-aged children offered at St. John’s Church. Church School is held every Sunday of the year and begins at 9:30 a.m.

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What you need to know:

The classes at 9:30 are as follows –

Nursery – (First Floor Cranmer Hall)

Preschool – Kindergarten

1st and 2nd Grades

3rd and 4th Grades

5th Grade
All classes for Preschool – 5th Grades will be on the 2nd floor of Cranmer Hall
All children in 1st – 5th go straight to the 2nd floor assembly area.
All children in Preschool – Kindergarten go to their classroom.
Please pick your children up from their classrooms at 10:15 for church. Preschool – 4th grades must have a parent pick them up from the door to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • Our curriculum this year is An Introductory Look at the Catechism.

What goes on at 10:30:

  • Nursery (first floor Cranmer Hall – newborn to 2yrs)
  • Sunday School and Music for
    • Preschool Class (second floor Cranmer Hall)
    • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten (second floor Cranmer Hall)
    • Children in 1st – 4th Grades attend church with their parents. They then have the option of following the cross back to Cranmer Hall at the hymn before the sermon for Junior Choir with Diane Stallings (Choral Director at Savannah Arts Academy)
    • Children in 5th Grade and older remain in church with their parents for the service.


May 19th, 2013


Greetings St. John’s Church School,


This Sunday we will have a Special Event for Whitsunday! We will begin in the second floor assembly area of Cranmer Hall at 9:30 with Morning Assembly. The Dad Squad assembly leader will be Holden Hayes. The Church School Supervisor will be Jennifer Fana.


Following assembly, lesson (given by Father O’Brien), and activity, the children will process with the first choral procession for the 10:30 service. Following the procession, the children will be walked back over to Cranmer Hall to take off their robes. At this point, please make sure your child knows if they should stay over in Cranmer Hall for the duration of the service for Junior Choir (1st – 5th), or if they should rejoin you in church. All preschool – Kindergarten will stay in Cranmer Hall for music and their lesson.


Next Sunday will be the last official day of 9:30 Sunday School with a Special Event for Trinity. During the summer there is no formal Sunday School, but there will be someone on hand if you would like to attend the 9:30 adult classes. Mark your calendar for the first day of church school, September 8th at 9:30.


Here we are at the end of another wonderful church school year. Thank you to everyone who gave of their time to help make this year educational and memorable for each of the children. Although we will be working and planning for next year this summer, this will be the last email until the fall as I will be out of town. If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to email me this summer. Also, if you would like to be a part of our wonderful church school next year and help out in any way, big or small, please let me know.


Save the dates!

July 15-19th VBS – for more information or to sign up or help out please contact Maryan Harrell

July 22nd -28th Choir Camp – for more information or to sign up or help out please contact Brian Taylor


The lesson for this Sunday is:


Pentecost or Whitsunday

Pentecost (or Whitsunday) is one of the great days of the Church’s Year.

Q. What are the others?

A. Easter and Christmas

Q. What do they commemorate?

A. Resurrection and Birth of Christ


The Lesson: What does Pentecost commemorate?

This day is fifty days after Easter (that is what Pentecost means) – forty days after Jesus rose from the dead … he ascended into heaven, was taken up into glory, sat down at God’s right hand.


Before he left, however, he told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Promised Gift of the Holy Ghost, by whose strength they would be able to preach the Gospel to all nations. For ten days the disciples were “with one accord in prayer” for God’s promised gift – common prayer!


On the tenth day, the fiftieth day, the Holy Ghost came down upon them and filled them. There was a Sound of a mighty rushing wind – invisible but very, very strong (think tornado, hurricane, storm, wind.) Tongues of flame appeared on top of each of their heads – the light and the fire illuminates mind to know truth, enkindles heart to love truth, burns away what is not true.


They began to speak in other tongues (languages) – the praises of God and of his grace in Jesus Christ. A big crowd of pilgrims from all nations who were in Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost were astonished because they heard the disciples speaking the praises of God in the native languages of the pilgrims.


A miracle is a sign that the Holy Ghost was given to the Church to publish and proclaim the Gospel in all of the world. The Holy Spirit gives the knowledge of truth in Jesus, and love and obedience to God’s commandments – of courage and strength against all fear.


What does Ghost/Spirit mean? Ghost does not mean he is dead! Ghost and Spirit are two different ways of saying the same word – which is “wind” or “breath” of God – ghost is related to gust, Spirit to inspire/expire – the Ghost because he is almighty and invisible, like a gust of wind; the Spirit because he is invisible and gives life—he inspires, like breath.


Q. Why is he called the Holy Ghost/Spirit, when the Father is Holy, the Son is Holy, and God is a Spirit?

A. Because the Holy Ghost is the fountain of holiness – he makes us holy – and the Holy Spirit gives us spiritual life.


Symbols of Holy Ghost:


Water –because in Baptism we are reborn as the children of God and washed from our sins by the Holy Spirit – because he is a well of everlasting life (John 7:39), a river of life that never stops flowing (Rev. 22.)


Fire –gives light to mind (to know truth of Christ), warms heart to love (Christ), and burns away (purifies) all that is wrong.

Wind—because he is almighty and invisible, like a storm wind (tornado, hurricane), and because he stirs things up! ‘


Breath—because he gives life.


Oil—for anointing, just as men were anointed for the work of prophet, priest, and king, so Jesus was anointed (Christos) with the Holy Ghost for the work of salvation, and we are anointed with the Spirit of Christ when we are made Christians (anointed ones.)


Hand—Jesus lays on hands as a sign of God’s favour and power to heal and bless – apostles do so also – Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as “the finger of God” – writing God’s law in our hearts, and casting out demons.


Dove—The dove sent forth at end of the flood was sign of peace returning to the world washed clean of wickedness. The Holy Spirit comes down upon Jesus in form of a dove at his baptism – sign of God’s blessing upon hearts made clean by baptism.


And again, from An Introduction To The Liturgical Year with text by Inos Biffi:


The Outpouring of the Spirit

At the end of the fiftieth day from the Resurrection, the Lord, glorious at the right hand of the Father, sent the Holy Spirit upon the Disciples. On the Feast of Pentecost, which is as solemn as that of Easter, the liturgy commemorates this outpouring. This is a very great gift of the Father, won by Jesus on the cross.

The Holy Spirit is the life of the Church. From the Spirit, the source of every grace, the Church receives the words of Christ and the wisdom to understand them. By the Spirit, the body of Christ is consecrated in the Eucharist, and the other sacraments are made efficacious.

It is the Spirit who, guiding Christians to Jesus, makes them recognize him and forms him in their souls. It is also the Spirit who infuses Christians with wisdom and the light of counsel. And it is he who gives force to their preaching.

Pentecost concludes the Easter Season, and Ordinary Time begins again.


Have a wonderful summer!!


See you Sunday,


Caroline Hayes

For more information about our church school program contact

Maryan Harrell, Parish Activities Director


Caroline Hayes, Church School C0ordinator



St. John’ Church presents extensive opportunities for

Children’s Music Education for boys and girls of all ages.

Contact Choirmaster Dr. Brian J. Taylor for details

Mark Your Calendar for the 8th Annual St. John’s Church Choir Camp!

When : Monday, July 22nd – Friday, July 26th

8:30am -5:00pm Monday – Thursday

8:30 – 6:30 (will sing in the 5:30 Evensong – All Parents encouraged to attend

Who: Students in 3rd – 6th grade are invited to enroll.

Students in 7th grade and above are invited and encouraged to serve as teen helpers.

They not only assist with logistics but also themselves benefit from the instruction offered during this week.


Where: St. John’s Choir room: located on the 3rd floor above the Church Office

How much: $105.00 and includes snacks, lunch and admission to the afternoon activities


The schedule is as follows:

8:30 – 9:00 a.m. Arrive

9:00 a.m. Morning Prayer

9:30 a.m. Rehearsals & Classes with a snack break

12:30 p.m. Lunch

1:00 p.m. Afternoon walking trip to museum or other attraction in Downtown Savannah

4:30 p.m. Evening Prayer

5:00 p.m. Parent pick-up

A brochure will be ready this spring.


This program is primarily for the benefit of St. John’s children but is open to those who are not members.

We also need volunteer adults to assist with snacks, lunch and supervision on the afternoon tours.



Vacation Bible School

As many of you know, St. John’s now has its very own VBS curriculum.

“On Eagles’ Wings” was written by Maryan Harrell, and is a four year program. Centered on the life of Christ as portrayed in St. John’s beautiful stained glass windows, each of the four years is studied from the aspect of the four gospels. The program is directed for children in our parish and neighborhoods, from ages 3 to 7. We hope that this special program will serve to teach our children the truths found in the Bible, as well as give them an understanding of what they see around them as they grow up worshiping at St. John’s Church.

Contact Maryan Harrell to Register.