The Gesima Sundays

In the Church’s ancient calendar there are three Sundays before Lent, with quaint old Latin names – Septuagesima, (which means ‘seventieth’); Sexagesima (‘sixtieth’), and Quinquagesima (fiftieth). Obviously, we are in a countdown first to Lent (once known as Quadragesima, in reference to its forty days), but also ultimately to Easter itself, the great festival of […]

The Jubilate Deo

Like Psalm 95, the Venite, Psalm 100, the Jubilate Deo is an invitatory psalm, a call to “all lands” to join in enthusiastic and joyful corporate worship of the Lord, and to “serve [him] with gladness”; who made all things, and who made the faithful out of every nation his people, by freely setting his […]

Te Deum Laudamus

All prayer is common prayer, whether we know it or not. We never worship alone, but always in community. That much we know from the very first words of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father”. But many psalms (e.g. 95, 148, 149, 150) indicate that in worship, we take part in, and make conscious, known and […]