Family Service

New Choices for Families on Sundays

The Family Service at 9 a.m. is now  a permanent part of our Sunday service schedule.  About this Service: Currently located in the intimacy of the chapel, this service is a shorter form of Morning Prayer (Holy Communion once a month). Some aspects of it that are helpful to know: This service will last about 45 […]

Science & Truth

Science & Technology: Is There Room for God in Our Understanding of Reality?

Five Talks by Jon Sprague:  If you did not have the opportunity to attend these talks or missed one, we invite you to view these recorded talks by Jon Sprague. Jon explores whether science is capable of providing answers to the important questions we face in our lives, and whether there is even space for […]

Why We Stay

It is a puzzle to Christians who have left the Episcopal Church: why would faithful Christians stay?  Given its manifest errors, and its resistance to reform,  is it not their duty to leave it, and to seek to build new institutions elsewhere? Do we not want to be part of a church in which the […]

Looking at Pictures

Simply to ask the question, what am I seeing?  and to start answering that question, allows the picture to speak with an eloquence that may astonish you.  It’s a bit like reading a text or learning a language – As Fr Crouse would say, you keeping staring at it until it makes sense. 

Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

In my home growing up, you could hear the plangent tones of this Nashville lament in Kristofferson’s own version, crackling from an old LP on Sunday mornings. This was to the smells of brewing coffee and frying bacon, after we had returned from church, which we attended every Sunday at home or on vacation. Sunday mornin’ hadn’t come down until we’d gone to church.