Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old is New Again:   When it comes to language and doctrine in worship, the 1928 American Book of Common Prayer is the gold standard of excellence in the liturgy (in the USA). What makes the 1928 American Prayer Book excellent, however, is not what originated in 1928, but what originated long before, and […]

Christ Our Passover

Christ our Passover:  It is true: we have not yet defeated Covid-19. It is likely to remain a threat for some years; but in the new vaccines we have now a potent weapon in the fight, and the more people are vaccinated, the greater safety each of us will enjoy, especially from the possibility of […]

A Guide to Holy Week

A Guide to Holy Week:  The approach to Easter falls into three triads. Three Sundays before Lent are a call to the effort of pilgrimage – “behold we go up to Jerusalem”. The first three Sundays in Lent consider the hazards of the journey – the conflict with demons, and deliverance from them. Then in […]

Joseph and Moses (IV)

Joseph and Moses (IV):  The greatest challenge Moses had to address was not the stubborn recalcitrance of Pharoah, but rather the rebelliousness of his own people, especially their great apostasy recounted in chapters 32-34 of Exodus. In the absence of Moses, Israel makes and worships a golden image of a young bull (usually rendered “calf” […]

Joseph and Moses (III)

Joseph and Moses (III)  Joseph’s achievement – as the rejected savior of his brethren – was to “save much folk alive” from a devastating famine, in accord with the providence of God. But what they were being saved for, that Joseph shows little sign of knowing or seeking to know. If Israel has a distinctive […]

Joseph and Moses (II)

Joseph and Moses (II) In the figure of Joseph, envied by his brothers, sold into slavery, given up for dead, and exalted to supreme power in Egypt, is the prophetic type of the “rejected savior” fulfilled in Christ. Perceiving God’s providential hand at work in these events, Joseph forgives his brothers, is restored to his […]

Joseph and Moses

Joseph and Moses (I): From Septuagesima until Palm Sunday, the Church’s tradition is to read the books of Moses, especially Genesis and Exodus, which begin the history of salvation. The territory to which these Scriptures take us is often strange and disconcerting. The conduct of the patriarchs at times seems out of keeping with modern […]

Lenten Journey

Lenten Journey:   Lent is the season not for the guilty, but for the grateful. As sinners are freely and fully forgiven by God for Christ’s sake, we are ready to amend our lives according to his Word, and by the help of his Spirit. But if the season of Lent is to be a […]